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With a general election approaching in 2015 we are sure to be very busy in providing all the interesting news on how the central parties’ campaigns are faring. Will the Tories continue to remain in power? Will Labour topple them? Or will we end up with another coalition government?

If you’re more interested in gender issues, we have plenty about gay rights, feminism and the commodification of women. There is always chat of the continuing sexualised nature of popular music and A-listers, but since Mike Stock wrote in the hate-filled bile that is the Daily Mail that “Ninety-nine per cent of the charts is R ‘n’ B and 99 per cent of that is soft pornography” there’s been a real rise in commentary in the last ten days. Stock, who is a music manager himself who launched Australian singer Kylie Minogue’s career in the nineteen eighties, maintains that music today is sexualising young people by focusing mainly on singers Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. Although I do agree with his remarks on the former, to smear Lady Gaga with the same brush seems very much unreasoned. Polly Vernon’s piece today in The Observer (Lipstick, leather and lesbianism – the new sexual politics that is changing pop) really picks up on this.

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Welcome to Left-wing news and discussion

This website reports on left-wing ideologies, most notably Marxism, feminism, gay rights and gender issues. For many years now we have been providing our readers with news of these topics, and analysing the status quo to observe how equality and the lack thereof appear in modern day.

For example, we have recently been looking at the presence of women in politics. As you may know the leader of the Labour party, Ed Milliband, turned the news coverage into more fraternal love/hate debates (his brother had seemed like the right man for the role). During his political campaign Ed suggested over one third of the Labour cabinet should be women. He continued to back that key figure Harriet Harman’s call for half of the jobs to be given to women. I believe that is kind of thrilling and promising.

But mentioning this on a Facebook page I was recalled to how former prime minister Tony Blair had run with the similar sort of line in his political campaign without getting the final results.

But this isn’t enough to deflate my hope that Milliband will act upon equality policy by giving over ten seats of this Shadow cabinet to the highly qualified women in the Labour party. I believe that the women of the party will become a huge part in ensuring this happens.

The Labour party has been fortunate enough to have the fantastic Harriet Harman as a leader while the campaign for a brand new leader ran. She is a woman who has encouraged fiercely policies as Equalities Minister, believing in bringing maternity leave, gender pay differences, glass ceilings and prostitution laws to the notice of the house. She has taken the blame from the mainstream media for that (nicknames anyone? Mad Hattie) but she’s lined the way for other ladies to speak out and acts as a strong figure for their views.

This is just an example of the sort of political news that we report on here. Ask more questions if you want to here more.

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