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With a general election approaching in 2015 we are sure to be very busy in providing all the interesting news on how the central parties’ campaigns are faring. Will the Tories continue to remain in power? Will Labour topple them? Or will we end up with another coalition government?

If you’re more interested in gender issues, we have plenty about gay rights, feminism and the commodification of women. There is always chat of the continuing sexualised nature of popular music and A-listers, but since Mike Stock wrote in the hate-filled bile that is the Daily Mail that “Ninety-nine per cent of the charts is R ‘n’ B and 99 per cent of that is soft pornography” there’s been a real rise in commentary in the last ten days. Stock, who is a music manager himself who launched Australian singer Kylie Minogue’s career in the nineteen eighties, maintains that music today is sexualising young people by focusing mainly on singers Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. Although I do agree with his remarks on the former, to smear Lady Gaga with the same brush seems very much unreasoned. Polly Vernon’s piece today in The Observer (Lipstick, leather and lesbianism – the new sexual politics that is changing pop) really picks up on this.

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